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Rich gas, or crude natural gas, is a mixture of various gases.

When necessary, the gas is separated from the oil before the rich gas is treated in a processing facility that separates the dry and wet gas components.

The composition also determines how light or heavy (viscous) the oil is.

Shuttle tankers are mainly used for relatively short transport distances, and most Norwegian oil is therefore delivered to destinations in northwestern Europe.

Larger tankers are used to carry oil that is to be transported further, for example from Norway to Mediterranean countries, Asia or America.

You can read more about their exports of goods and services in the article about the service and supply industry.

The total export value of crude oil, natural gas and condensate in 2016 was about NOK 350 billion, or approximately 47 % of the total value of Norway’s exports of goods.

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In contrast, there have historically been geographically separate regional gas markets.

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