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So I have no problem with the president meeting with those leaders; he has to. Is this president, like all presidents, is bristling against the constraints of democracy that you write a lot about in here.But we always need to speak for our values as well, and our values are the belief that we were endowed with certain rights by our creator. That has caused him to say critical things of the judiciary, of the press, and of Congress and the pace with which they work.How does that play for other countries that say, "You see, you've got a messiness over there. "CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Well, there's no doubt that presidents get to be president, and then they realize that the founding fathers put all kinds of constraints on the presidency -- Congress, courts, civil society, a press, not to mention Americans who are kind of ungovernable anyway, and it can be frustrating.

She remembers feeling the earth shake when a Baptist church was bombed by racists one Sunday morning just two miles from her home. Four girls died in the bombing and the incident had a major effect on Rice. Denise Mc Nair was my little friend from kindergarten," she recalls.

"I probably have at one level, a better understanding, or perhaps, let me say a more personal understanding of what the dark side of human beings can look like.

I remember very well in 1963 when Birmingham was so violent.

And so this is a dangerous time with the Russians, but it could also be, once we've established the ground rules, there are many things we need to cooperate with the Russians on including, by the way, the most vexing problem of North Korea, where they too can't be too comforted by a reckless North Korean leader with missiles and nuclear weapons that can reach Russia, as well as eventually the United States.

JOHN DICKERSON: I want to get to North Korea in a second.

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60 Minutes (TV Series documentary) Herself - National Security Adviser (segment "Condoleezza Rice") / Herself - Secretary of State (segment "True Believer") / Herself - Secretary of State (segment "Rendition") 60 Minutes (TV Series documentary) Herself - Secretary of State (segment "State of Corruption") / Herself - Secretary of State (segment "State of Denial") / Herself - National Security Adviser (segment "It Pays to Advertise?

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