8 rules for dating your ex

There are just certain rules you need to follow if you want to be a good friend! Here is the official girl code for dealing with a friend’s ex: You're going to be tempted to spill your guts to your BFF about all the things that bothered you about her ex when they break up. The chances are too high that they will get back together, and then you'll have to deal with all the bad stuff that you said.Try and be supportive of your friend during the breakup without vilifying the other person.Source: i Stock It can be tempting to date a friend's ex after they break up, especially if you're close with their ex and have always had a little crush. One, the ex may be trying to get back at your friend for the breakup.They could be lonely and looking for a surefire way to hurt your friend..do NOT want to be a pawn in this jilted love game!

You take parenting as a responsibility — not an extracurricular activity.The exception to the rule is if you were friends with the ex before those two started dating.If this person is a good friend of yours, then there's no reason that friendship can't continue just because their relationship ended.While your friend is still feeling devastated and the breakup is fresh, avoid hanging with the ex as much as possible.This can be tricky if you have the same friends, so if you end up hanging with the ex in a group, just be honest to your friend about it - trying to hide it will make things worse.

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