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She started to yell so loud her brother came into the room and ask if something was wrong. But you get over here, suck on my breast’s make me come harder.

He did first kissing one then the other sending her into another spasm.

Then he took it out and started to lick the underside of it then the tip.

He had seen this done in some of the movies he had seen of his dad’s. I let out a loud groan that let him know I liked it a lot.

By now I had a great big hard on and was about to enter him when his sister came in the room. Her brother had a scared look on his face but did what he was told. First draw me a bath I need to get the filthy feeling you have given me off my body. She told me to undress her, but not to touch her unless she told me to. She clasped her legs around my neck and started to squeeze real hard. When she had calmed down she stood up and pushed me back on the floor standing above me she smiled and grabbed my erect cock; and said you wanted to put this in my brothers ass did you?

Trying to give him as much pleasure as I had gotten when he was in me. I did this several times she started to get a far off look on her face and her breath started to come more rapidly.I have been blessed with a rather large appendage and was proud of it. We met at his home, we were both still living with our parents while in school. He had some rubbers that were his dad’s and ask if I wanted to use one? T he guys in the mags didn’t have one so I didn’t either. When he did I saw why he wanted to play with my cock his was only about 3 to 4 inches and real thin even in his aroused state.His mom worked and his sister took classes at the same collage we were in. He showed me some of the magazines he had found in his dad’s study, they were of guys sucking each other and they really turned us on. He had a real sweet looking ass and no hair on his chest. He then ask me to remove my clothing and got a real glassy look when my prick came into view even in my semi hard state it is a good 7 inches long and around 2 and a half inches around.When I saw how he liked to suck me I had to try it so I laid him on the floor and got between his legs. I said yes and I wanted to try something else also. He brought a towel also and placed it over the end of the couch.As I said he wasn’t very big so I was able to take him in with ease. When I bent over it my ass at just the right angle for him to enter me.

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He said he would love to do that and put some oil on my prick. Stars shot into my eyes and I blew all over him and the towel.

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