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But it is a first sign of confrontation between the Brothers and the SCAF, and is encouraging the Tahrir protesters to hold fast to their demand for accountability and civilian rule sooner rather than later.The sooner the military is removed from politics, the better the chances Egypt will have of building a new form of governance where powers flow from civilian politicians empowered by the ballot box.It's hard to put a positive spin on the events of the past two days in Egypt.At least 73 soccer fans were killed in a post-match riot yesterday that incompetent police could not stop.

The protest movement wants an immediate handover of power, either to a senior judge as interim president, to parliament, or to a president to be elected as soon as possible – and certainly earlier than 15 June, the date the generals have set for a presidential election.SCAF has been in power for nearly a year and has ruled much like the military-backed regimes of the past half century.The longer SCAF remains, the more influence it will exert on the writing of a new constitution and resist civilian restraints on its powers.Die Derbys mit dem Lokalrivalen al Zamalek SC sind sehr emotionsgeladen.Für die Leitung der Spiele müssen regelmäßig ausländische Schiedsrichter ins Land geholt werden.

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And some good may yet come if Egypt's new crop of civilian politicians, recently seated in parliament, can capitalize on it to clip the military's wings.

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