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For several years as a district captain, my lieutenants and I managed the affairs of our quadrant of the city from a corner of one floor of the municipal building (which also housed approximately thirty other offices) and then from the basement of a shopping mall.So, planning and watching our new home come to life was one of the highlights of my career.But when the first girl she loved returns as the architect with little understanding of the operational needs of a police station, Bennett’s career and her heart could face permanent damage. That was the first time I went there as a tourist instead of just visiting to see my family and friends. But I also miss the relationships I lost when I moved away. That crazy bug bit me in the butt when I was kid, maybe at five or six years old.Architect Kerstin Anthony believes the new police substation will be the springboard to her own firm and the necessary resources to care for her mother. Those are usually difficult years anyway and I remember being a big ball of tension most of the time. But I didn’t think seriously about publishing until I was in high school.The reno space was the lower floor of a functional textile plant.Company employees still required access to the top floor without entering the secure police facility.

No matter how pure their motives, they thereby throw sand into machinery that does not work too well at best."The way you address someone says a lot about how you think about him or her, and what your relationship is.

Bold Strokes Books / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS A thirty-year veteran of a midsized police department, VK was a police officer by necessity and a writer by desire. Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat. I got my first book deal about five more years after that. How do you balance developing characters, the storyline, and desire? In the beginning, I just wrote the stories as they came and didn’t worry about whether or not I was being ‘too much.’ It all fell together well – I think.

Her career spanned numerous positions including beat officer, homicide detective, vice/narcotics lieutenant, captain, and assistant chief of police. These days, though, I’m more conscious of creating the “right” balance.

When she confronts the girl she kissed in high school, now a tantalizing police officer with unrealistic expectations about the new facility, Kerstin’s path to success becomes littered with unexpected hurdles. How old were you when you moved to the US and was it difficult to make the transition? It was a bit of a challenge dealing with a changing body, awareness of a “different” type of sexuality while doing my best to dodge the kids intent on bullying me because of my accent. There, I put my work out there and got third place in a county-wide competition.

Along with tight deadlines, budget restraints, and architectural challenges, she has to battle both past and present feelings for the woman she was torn away from years ago. My first international publication was five years later when my short story “Tattoo” (about a girl I briefly dated, of course) was published in Best Lesbian Erotica.

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This one has special significance for a couple of reasons.

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