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EHAK made the announcement that they would apply the votes they obtained to sustain the political programme of the now banned Aukera Guztiak platform.This move left no time for the Spanish courts to investigate EHAK in compliance with the Ley de Partidos before the elections were held.ETA also promotes the kale borroka ("street fight"), that is, violent acts against public transportation, political parties offices or cultural buildings, destruction of private property of politicians, police, military, journalist, council members, and anyone voicing critics against ETA, bank offices, menaces, graffiti of political mottos, and general rioting, usually using Molotov cocktails.

The group used to have a very hierarchical organisation with a leading figure at the top, delegating into three substructures: the logistical, military and political sections.

The leading committee is formed by 7 to 11 individuals, and ETA's internal documentation refers to it as Zuba, an abbreviation of Zuzendaritza Batzordea (directorial committee).

There is another committee named Zuba-hitu that functions as an advisory committee.

France has since stopped the practice of deporting ETA members to other places than to Spain to be judged.

ETA's internal bulletin is named Zutabe ("Column"), replacing the earlier one(1962) Zutik ("Standing").

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