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Now the Bay Area entrepreneur is back in the spotlight again, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via his latest launch: Justin. Not in a creepy, "When a Stranger Calls" kind of a way -- although I'll admit, when I'm scrutinizing him in bed as he boots his covers around and occasionally scratches his nose, it does feel remarkably stalkericious. ") But I'm not alone in my voyeuristic vigil, either.

TV, an around-the-clock, real-time mobile broadcast of his life. There are dozens, sometimes hundreds of fellow pervs -- er, users --peeping in on Kan's life while he sleeps, eats, drives, plays and attempts to work.

That's because 23-year-old Bay Area entrepreneur Kan is using himself as an all-access guinea pig for his latest startup: an innovative platform for live personal video streaming, which Kan says will "democratize the medium" of mobile broadcast.

"Broadcasting something live from a remote site has always been the sole domain of large media corporations with access to satellite trucks," says Kan.

Justin Kan launched the Web calendar startup while still in college -- then made news by selling the company on e Bay.That use is recording every moment of Justin Kan's life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, and displaying it to random looky-loos who visit the startup's site at Justin. As I'm writing this, for instance, it's March 26, p.m. Looks like he's not alone -- hey, he's talking to another Asian American guy. "I grew up in Seattle," says Kan's invisible, offscreen voice.Based on Kan's handy calendar, I think he's someone from Podtech Network, a startup that offers videoblogs from the likes of Jason Calcanis and Robert Scoble. (When Kan's wearing his Hat Cam, you can't see him, of course -- you're looking at the world from his first-person perspective.Actually, you can see Kan himself only when he's asleep, because that's when he turns the camera around to face his half-naked bad self in bed. Which answers the other question that comes to people's minds when they encounter Kan.Note: This is not titillating in the slightest, unless you get off on dimly lit, low-resolution sleep-lab videos.) They talk briefly about growing up Asian American: Kan's grandparents were born here. 24-Hour Potty People There's a tagline at the top of the Justin. For the curious: The lipstick camera on the Hat Cam is on a pivot, so when he's answering the call of nature, he tips it up to face the ceiling.

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