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There are still good old-fashioned ways to find love.When I walked in, Steve was already sipping a gin and tonic, and I knew quite quickly he wasn’t my usual type.But he gave me a hug and we sat down — and then I don’t think we stopped talking for the rest of the night. I think I’ve finally met a man who can talk as much as me.He had a great big smile and we talked about how hot it is at the moment, which was a good ice-breaker.Interestingly, though, at the far end of jealous insanity, the Yandere is far more often female.However, a guy obviously acting paranoid in a situation where there's no reason for him to be jealous, especially as a Running Gag, makes for comedic gold.On the other hand, just because the latest trend is to do one thing, doesn’t mean you have to try it.Don’t forget, meeting people and making friends can be a key part of the dating process.

We can be afraid to try new things, but, providing you stay safe, you never know what just might work for you.

He was very complimentary about how young I looked for my age (I’m 50), which started things off on a good note.

We just about covered everything and put the world to rights.

But while setting out to find a romantic partner can seem like a major project, it’s good to remember a mix of methods will not only make it more interesting, but open up the possibilities and opportunities to meet your perfect partner.

A mix of traditional and technological, Face Time and face-to-face, searches and social circles can all help keep dating dalliances interesting and motivating.

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