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He also said his club "does not concern itself with the fact that its policy does or does not agree with Ottawa." In a statement, Harald Bohne, Manager of the U of T book store offered "to cor- rect some errors and mis- leading statements appearing in the Handbook in connec- tion with the University of Toronto Bookstore." He critized the handbook's advice that students should, "except as a last resort, stay away from the university bookstore.Its prices are the highest in the city (it doesn't give discounts), and during the first month of classes it's jammed." NO DISCOUNT Mr.Bohne defended his "hard-working staff" and stated that, aside from the first three-week rush period, "the bookselling service is comparable or better" than at the other stores mention- ed in the handbook. Drushka told the Vars- ity that his statements in the handbook were based on his own .personal experiences coupled with student com- plaints which he received last as editor of The Varsity.Drushka, in an inter- view with The Varsity, con- tended that Mr.Bohne mis- understood the statement in the handbook regarding dis- counts, but maintained that the SCM does offer a "wide range of discounts." Mr.He stated however that he is going to keep probing into the operation of the bookstore in order to help improve its services.He invited the students of the university to submit to him suggestions and com- plaints regarding the opera- tion of the bookstore.

ady isn't realty getting fresh, but is carried away with enthusiosm in a newspaper fight at the UC freshman weekend ot Caledon Farm last weekend.HART HOUSE g In this column will be onnounced resulor ond .peciol events occurring in Hort House durin 9 the oeodemie J.«.AI I mole .n.den„ of the University ol Toronto ore members of the House. so thot ,ou mo, Mke od- vonloge of the focililics which ore yours to enioy. well os under- graduates, ore welcome in Hurt House."Last year there was a fuil discussion on the place of the Bookstore, at the end of which the Students' Adminis- trative Council, through its Publication Commissioner, assured Mr.Jeanneret, the Director of the Press, that 'the future will see a greater appreciation by the students of the Bookstore and its op- eration.' "The simple fact is that the Bookstore is run at a loss in order to provide a facility for students that cannot be matched anywhere in Can- ada." attention of the students," said Mr. It appears that this year the bookstore is trying to improve both its image and its service to the students.

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STUDENT PRESSURE He said "the bookstore is a constant source of irritation to the students and the only way this will change is if stu- dent pressure demands it." "The purpose of the hand- book was to bring this to the Bissell blasts handbook President Claude T.

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  1. So this book, for me, was required for a German class, and there are a few problems that are inherent with textbooks, but I like the stories for the most part- and well, I like the class too, but that's not what I'm reviewing.