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With all records for death rates broken and a total of almost 6,000 new cases reported to the health bureau within forty-eight hours this city is still struggling in the grip of the epi- demic. When she hastily placed it under the table before the entrance of her pollu husband, she dropped the basket with a thud hardly the right treatment for an ill babe. He replied that he would rather lose his plants ten times than lose a single part of his organization, for without the latter the plants would be idle, but with it he could build his plants again in a year. From present indications there seems to be small likelihood of a resumption of friendly relations, neither one evincing the slightest inclination leading to per- sonal conversation with the other. Whereupon the Janitor turns down everyone, including a girl who had appeared as an accomplice of the tout, using his "walk out" as the introduction to the recitation at the finale. Wrothe does a bit that recalls the pantomime flirtation of Jimmy' Barry's with his back to the audience. The act is due for an early spot on the big time bills around New York. They sing well, from ballads to a "blues," although one of the girls, does most of the singing, she having the better voice. W Ken singing together they hold hands and that's a nice way. The real thing about the Palais Royal show is the "flash" and the "flash" is there, forte and strong. Harry and Joseph Suaskkid are named as defendants in a suit* which John* Riley, the landlord of the Blos- som Heath Inn, a road house at Lynbrook, L. The defendants, who"' also operate the Inn, were asked to vacate by Riley. Riley alleges they for- feited their lease by permanently dam- aging the property. This came at a Harry Fox night In Green Mill Gardens, where the place did the record business of Its history, having been worked up for a month. The blending of the colors in dra- peries and costumes for each posing with the colors on the scene backings were perfect, so that the girls' figures melted into the works as though they were painted on. She offered about a score of Impersonations, all brief and some very faithful. MIbb Juliet has come back with a bang and she Is practically alone In ber field at present. Faulkner, who first cropped up several seasons ago wltb an Imita- tion of President Wilson.

' Immediate co-operation with the health authorities was given by the theatre managers, not one word of objection being heard anywhere. Monday word was received here that a meeting was to be held in Allentown for the purpose of discussing the advisability of sending a protest to the State Health Board against the closing of theatres. Johnny Singer and his Dancing Dolls, two girls, were the opening number. Burns and Frabtts, "wops," playing man- dolin and guitar, interrupted by dialect side- walk crosstalk. ' This appeal extends to the leaders as well as the followers, to the chiefs as well as the subordinates, engaged in whatsoever branch of the industry; Let us coordinate all our work, producing, distributing, exhibiting, to the best of our mutual interests— which all the better elements of the trade are now trying to do — but let us avoid such a close unification that the exhibitor becomes wholly or partly a producer, or the producer slightly or extensively an exhibitor. He pro- moted the capitalization of as large a company as Sears, Roebuck & Co., the biggest mail order house in the world, and the name of Levy Mayer as the. It occurred Sunday when the "Sentinel" over the signature of Catherine Pan- nill Mead, printed Manager Charles Braun's verbatim report on Mayme Gehrue and Co., recently appearing here at the Miller theatre (Safe). What brought about the tilt of the Colonial rental is not known, but It is said a competitive bid was placed, with Erlanger determined to retain the house. (his wife, Bar- ara Lamar) did not open at the Palace, Chicago, Mondey. Deeley alleging his wife was ill and it was probably that or the "No. Walter Donaldson has given up song writing for a while to enter the Officers' Training Sy " Corps. Rose, one of the authors of "Oh, Johnnie," has placed a new song with Mc Carthy ft Fisher. has but one officially recognized number for the Corps, - "The Marines Hymn," printed but not pub- lished by a firm In New York. / The manner in which these bills are printed does not indicate the relative importance of acta nor their program positions. Recently an assay is said to have shown rich copper deposits. Murdock, Forkins, John and Irving Simon, Bert Cortel- you, Humphries, George Thomas (Longacre Construction Company), Harry W. " (New Acta) forced this arrangement much against the will of the management and the wishes of the "single singers." Morton aeemed In bad voice but managed to retain that excellent enunciation which with some lyrical pbrasea anent war condi- tions kept his score up to standard.

The matter was taken before the managers' associa- tion at its meeting here Monday, but so far as could be learned no repre- sentative from this city attended the meeting. He Is a young ohap whi dances neatly In an Eton suit, doing some clever "Russians," pirouettes, spins, somersaults, etc The girls do several kinds of stepping, one of the number being the Bacchante in appropriate negligee. Their travesty French song and dance was a big hit The pair have materially Improved since last season. For then it will be nobody's business 1 Another important defect in the present relations between exhibitors and producers emanates from a tendency on the part of exhibitors in certain cities throughout the country to dominate the business of exhibitors in smaller sur-^ rounding communities, creating for themselves an artificial power over these smaller exhibitors, and in this manner limiting their choice of subjects. prime mover in, such an undertaking ") would go a long distance toward hav- ing the consolidation underwritten. It was headed "Copy of a confidential report 'sent to Seattle, Chicago and New York." The "Sentinel's" article was brought about through a story taking Miss Gehrue's version of her local engage- ment printed m the column of a no- torious press agenting paragrapher on a New York daily. 2 spot." Frank Mor- rell substituted, with his wife (Madge Adams) going on with him, her first big time stage experience. Substitution made by the Chicago office of the Orpheum Circuit. I Most of the big publishers are taking ad- vantage of the new outdoor theatre on Times square, '.'Liberty Hall," by sending down plug- gers to entertain the crowd. Havlland has taken on quite a few new writers In the last few weeks. number in Washington, Sept 22, before the Marine Corps. Edwards sang his song last Sunday also In Washington. * before name indicates act is hew, doing turn new to vaudeville, or appearing In city where listed for the first time. Splngold, Coney Holmes, Harry Weber, Tim Heeler and Tom Johnson. The syndicate has incorporated under the title of the Majestic Mining Company, a 0,000. Four added claims have been named for the two Simons, Forkins and Weber. Percy Atbos and Greta Read opened with their skatorlal exhibition, with neck and feet swings by the girl. Heretofore "Chappie" has always worked double or in a show or with a flocn /Of cuties around him, but "single" and follow- ing that long' period of the Loan he was ready, to cry "quits." But the cigar, the alphabetical reasoning and a monolog on women particularly plus personality and a southern accent turned the trick.

With the closing until further notice of all the places of amusement in this city until the epidemic has subsided no definite announcement can be made. Harry Carroll was warmly welcomed with his plans- log rendition of hl B own compositions. She 'seems to have broadened in the scope of her characterizations, getting away from her here- tofore single nasal intoning. Metropolis C M & s Circuit Metropolitan, - Bklyn ... Already there have been evidences of dictation tc the smaller exhibitors as to which pic- tures they should or should not be permitted to procure. It reflected upon Milwaukee as "a strong German city." Miss Mead placed the facts before her readers to set Milwaukee right. Grace De Mar canceled her^ engage- ment at the Orpheum, Kansas City, this week, and the remainder of her Orpheum time when refusing,to appear No. Gonne and Albert, at the Princess, Montreal, could not continue Tuesday thrnugh .illness. Feist is reported to have paid a big sum to the Mendol SL-obn Music Co., of Hoston, for' "The Rose of No Man's Land." Caddigan and Orennan are the writers. Among them are Eddie' Nelson and Bob Roden (for- merly writing partner of Teddy Morse). The longest title this year is on a Fred Fisher-Leo Edwards song, "Would You Rather Be a Colonel with an Eagle on Your Arm Than a Private with a Chicken on Your Knee? Sherwood, general manager of the Mo Klnley Music Co. While both firms make some claim to their number as "the official song of the Marine Corps," it is understood the U. New York palace (orpb) •Eddie ' Leonard Co ■Pelham Boys' Band 'Special Loan Act •Kalmer & Brown Dooley ft Sales ♦Juliet "Mr. Irving Simon's patch bears the picturesque name of "Irving's Hundred-to-One Shot." For- says that he stepped out of the Chicago agency offer because he stands Al in the draft and because he has been promised a franchise in New York, which he will accept as soon as bo is clear— If he doesn't get too rich on the mine meanwhile. A part of their routine in this respect Is similar to the former Rey- nolds and Donegan turn. girl Is a very hard worker, but might dig up a more at- tractive stage outfit (San shown Monday night Charley Grapewin and Anna Chance were third, with the usual laughing results and a little touch of nature at the finish that gives a tug at the heartstrings. Avellng has elevated his voice more, and the result is striking.

This -week was to have terminated the run of "Business Before Pleasure" at the Lyric, and "The Kiss Burglar" was billed for Oct. Just what are the plans for the future at this house is unknown. House by the Canvass Committee where artists representative «f the chief powers were included with vet- eran soldiers in striking tableaux and concert features netted one of the largest sums Of the week. For the week ending Sun- day the sum secured reached ,702,000; and in several instances the bonds sold at a single performance have exceeded 0,000. jf Let's not get used to them-" Lees STOP them— quickly! By rolling up an overwhelm* ing subscription to the Fourth Liberty Loan. Buy Liberty Bonds— to the very limit of your means! Peggie Rlnno BUI Rlberg lues Rloe Andy Rlcbardson Martha Richmond Babe Rltter Nora Roberts Dick Roberts Fred Roberts Joe (0) Robinson Cbas Rodenbeck Edith • Roomanoo Hiss A Rosenthal Maurice (SF Roslnl Carl Ro Bky Wm Ross Alex Rossi Arthur Rosella Marie Russell Robert Rutklos Ihelma Ryan Maude Ryan ft Moore 8 Sacks Grace Bayers Frank Schaden F Schubert H W Scott Merdle Beely Mrs L Seller Geo Seldon & Bradford Sellg Jerome (0) Settle Wm Seymour Dolly Sbaefer Shakier Fred Bhaw W Bbea Nelson Sherman Wm Shone Madeira Shrlner Joe Sill W R Sllverlake Archie Smith Peggy Smith Tom Snyder Tom Southern Anna Southern Evelyn Stafford John Stau a Ktheryn Stephen Murray Stone Margaret Swain John Bweea Mrs O J Teela Pe__. It is fine of you to turn over all the: royalties of this song to the Navy Relief Fund througi Major General Barnett, and we were particularly pleased that our Sergeant Barron , who wrote the lyrics, will do the same. After Intermission came "Hands Across the Sea" (Now Acts). The Gladiators wore programed to open, but In their spot appeared Mc Connell and Austin (New Acts), with an old-fashioned cycling rou- tine. Photo sent to VARIETY by Us Paris correspondent, endorsed only on the back: 'An 'Over There* actor put on this show," likely referring to a volunteer entertainer of the Over There Theatre League, New York. No apparent', reason for this, but it does seem that the bill this week was rather weak as far as the first half Went. The house waa about half capacity on the lower and even the skillful "dressing" by Jlmmle Peppard tailed to disguise that fact. Torart opened the bill and received but mild applause until he pulled his sure-fire "God Speed Pershing to Victory." This won enough tor a curtain. Every branch of the motion picture business is big enough, at present and for future growth, without seeking new worlds to conquer. They have agreed to write the lyrics and music of 'The Street' Cinderella." Al Shean is directing the piece. Billy Mason, professional road representative, of the' firm, will be in charge. have first established It by publicity, and Wltmark ft Sons, who claim priority on the name through it having been furnished them on a song written by Gus Edwards (music) and Serg. The vaudeville programs for next week as listed in this De- partment have bills for several towns where public assembly has been forbidden through the Spafaish influenza epidemic. Then /he nimbly climbed to the balcony, boxes and began bla spectacular tour of the entire balcony rail, finally Jumping to the stage after someone promised to take the last 0 bond asked for. In the appealing tragic playlet of Hun outrages, 'The Aftermath," which she wrote.

No announcements have been made by the burlesque houses, and, of course,-±he vaudeville managers have been unable to make any plans. 8 M (One to fill) on That Melody'' 2d halt Mr & Mra N* PWMipi Mabelle Phillips Swar U A Clifford Porter J White S ,nr °- Bobby Henabaw Nan Q fa 7 Charlie Abeam Victoria, B. (Two to fill) PANTAGES (p) r«i.^i.m m ea * Lev*** (Three m OH "Bareroot Boy" Sterling Sisters • Waco, Tex. The showing for this cam- paign is as noteworthy as in the Third Drive, but, as the Loan as a whole is lagging, every endeavor will be made to force the theatre to a higher speed. After four long, frightful years the tide of battle is turning! Never mind how many you have bought already — buy more, ano more, and more! Tennyson Babe Thomas Vera (C) Thompson Sadie Tbornguest Spain Tldmarah Fred Toweii Helen Translleld 81s Tremont Grace Treuadell Howard POLLY DASSI c 6 Zl Company Now "presenting their European Novelty of ACROBATIC DOGS AND PONIES IN VAUDEVILLE Following- a 10 Weeks* engagement at the HIPPODROME, N. Introducing "PUNCH," the only BOXING PONT on the American Stage NOW SUCCESSFULLY TOURING PANTAGJS CIRCUIT Wllllamt Jack Wilson Miss B Wilson Billy STREET NEW YORK. Tho Watson 8istere, next to closing, "got" the audience Immediately, open- ing with "You Oot to Get Up" as a conversa- tional, questioning duet Bostock's Riding School, a circus act, with boys from the audience being taught to ride with the aid of a clrcut training bolt strapped about them, closed the show. The Four of Us appear to get pretty good harmony but for some reason persisted In offer- ing a routine that mitigated more than helped .round ou t the-., average, .sttlvcd for. Tho men as sfhgors collectively' wcra well received, bill tholr comedy by-play was not. Jane Connellcy (New Acts) took a fling at pathos and comedy, with a war whoop at the finish. Sidney Townes, assisted by Otis Spencer at the piano, Just about passed. There are only a few men in each generation who are possessed of inordinate ambition, and it is a curious fact that invariably they fail. Ez Keough In Chicago says the Chicago office of M'Carthy ft Fisher opened last week with a bang. Louis Bernstein announces that he has ob- tained the entire Control Theatre office build- ing, on Broadway, near 47th street, as the new home of the Shapiro-Bernstein Music Co. Bobby Jones, of the propetsslonal department of the Stasny Music Co., has engaged Nat Far- num, George Reynolds, Hal Burton and Lillian Jacobson tor additions to his staff. Ivan Rold, the song writer in the trenches, received a message from home recently and was so Inspired wltb it that he laid his bayonet aside tor a moment and wrote a lyric called "What a Wonderful Message from Home." Reld sent the lyric to his friend, Eugene Platz- mann, the arranger, who set it to music and showed It to Will Von Tilzer. Broadway Music Corporation accepted it Immediately. Arthur Hammerstein is contemplating ac- tion against T. If the ban is lifted before next week commences these bills in the main will hold good, but if the closing edict continues shows wiil not be given. If there ever was a sketch that should lend powerful aid to the selling of Liberty Bonds, It is "The Aftermath." It's an awful topic, tell- ing a story of how a French soldier returning to his shell-bitten home after two years in tbe line save for two trips to the hospital, only to find that the Huns had ravished his wife and there is an Infant to remind all of the visita- tion.

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