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Definitely tame by todays standards (you never get past pasties), but interesting for Betty Page fans. He begins to suspect his landlord and neighbors are trying to subtly change him into Simone so that he too will kill himself. Flashes to his early adult life feature the beautiful Eva Robins.

Also catch magician David Copperfield (frame grab #2). Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994): That's The Way I Like It (1998): An Asian-American romantic comedy in which Hock (Adrian Pang) enters a disco dance contest to win his dream motorcycle.The film winds up with all three (Gerald and Michel in drag) working as street prostitutes. maybe because I don't understand French, but I have a feeling it would be bizarre in any language! TR:3.8 Terror Firmer (1999): A low budget film crew sets out to "make some art!" with a bloody gore-fest that would be hard to top... Tons of stuff here: Toddster (Gary Hrbek) ends up a fountain fixture in a black PVC bra and mini-skirt, Ward (Greg Siebel) is a feminine gay member of the camera crew, Theodora (Theo Kogan) is an actor on the film who we see in a black bra and skirt, the two-sexed freak in a purple tube dress is half Rik Slave and half Lindsey Anderson, an extraneous male crew member wears a cream tank top with breasts, and of course the spoiler being the female killer (Sheri Wenden) is really hermaphrodite Casey (Will Keenan). ) about a kid (Lizzie Borden) who orders an animated DVD where the evil characters come to life and start killing everyone." He is immediately whisked away and joins the rebellion.TR:3.2 Teaserama (1955): An interesting collection of dance/striptease acts interspersed with bad burlesque comedy bits and "hosted" by Betty Page.

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After the weekend, he needs to get back into the prison... Yes, he ends up posing as his own mother to get back in!

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