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That allows you to keep chatting with each other (so all your romantic history isn't lost), but it doesn't let you match or chat with anyone else.That way you also know the other person isn't keeping their options open.As with any niche app, the key to its success will be getting enough people on board to give everyone a chance to find.

If you end up hitting it off with someone and want to make it official, the app can be switched into couples mode.Only time will tell if this revolutionizes the geek dating scene, but now at least you've got one more way to try to find your manga-loving match.Meet single cosplayers in your local area at Cosplay Friends, the free dating site for single Cosplayers.If someone adds you, you're out of their sight until you add them back.That reduces the odds that anyone will creepily obsess over you or try to reach out without your consent.

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