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Thus although there are 12 bytes reserved for storing the file size, only 11 octal digits can be stored.

GUI Tar Extractor offers the functionality to uncompress and extract files from archives. The operating system itself handles the complicated work, while GUI Tar provides a pleasant and easy method to interact with these system tools.To overcome this limitation, star in 2001 introduced a base-256 coding that is indicated by setting the high-order bit of the leftmost byte of a numeric field. Additionally, versions of tar from before the first POSIX standard from 1988 pad the values with spaces instead of zeroes.The checksum is calculated by taking the sum of the unsigned byte values of the header record with the eight checksum bytes taken to be ascii spaces (decimal value 32).The file header record contains metadata about a file.To ensure portability across different architectures with different byte orderings, the information in the header record is encoded in ASCII.

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