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After you have installed everything you then will probably want to setup a plugin or extension in your code editor to highlight Sass or LESS syntax with the proper colors.

Here is a list of popular ones below, in no particular order.

SCSS variables are a way to store information that you want to reuse throughout your style sheet.

You can store things like colors, font stacks, or any CSS value you think you want to reuse.

You can either use a 3rd party application or you can install it from the command line.

If you are just transitioning to preprocessors then we highly recommend using a 3rd party compiler as this will speed things up.

In this post, we will be comparing the two preprocessors which seem to be the most widely used among developers, Sass vs LESS.

SCSS uses the $ symbol to make something a variable.

SMACSS (pronounced “smacks”) is more style guide than rigid framework.

As you can see CSS preprocessors are very powerful and they can help streamline your development process, especially if you are coming from a programming background.

While it appears that Sass is more widely used, there isn’t really a preprocessor that is better than the other.

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