Dating a fender guitar case

The Lead Series headstock was smaller than that of the then Stratocaster models and similar though not identical to the 1954 Stratocaster design.

The Stratocaster models at the time of the Lead Series release in late 1979 were still using the larger headstock design until the introduction of the Dan Smith Stratocaster in 1981.

Many overseas internet sites that you may be looking at may not quote you the price inclusive of their local taxes, freight to Australia, Australian duty (which is applicable to guitars and amps) customs clearance charges, port charges and surcharges and other government charges which may also include a quarantine inspection charge, and GST.

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The pickup body routing is the same for the Lead I and the Lead II models (humbucker bridge and single coil neck routing).The original concept for the Lead Guitar series, including the name lead came from Dennis Handa, then Marketing director for Fender Guitars.The idea was to have a guitar that was cheaper than the Stratocaster and be attractive to players because of the neck feel as well as the pickup options.The old Fender serial number scheme did not change immediately as CBS to use up existing parts and use existing tooling however a large F logo was added to the neck plate shortly after the accquisition.SERIAL NUMBERS and APPROXIMATE PRODUCTION DATES 1965 to 1976 In 1982 the Vintage Series of guitars was introduced.

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