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Or if you left feeling like the therapist made you divulge too much, that also isn’t a good sign.

But mostly, when it comes to figuring out fit, go with your gut.“The reality is that if there's something that feels off after your first or second session, don't go back,” says Mc Manus.

So think about who might make you feel at-ease enough to do that. Insurance companies being what they are, however, that list might, and is, probably outdated. Finally, once you’ve found a therapist that is both accepting new patients and seems like a good fit, ask them about their consultation policy.“The expectation is that your first several sessions are just getting to know each other.”There are a few obvious red flags, says Mc Manus.If the therapist offers you a diagnosis after the first session, that’s not good.Maybe your last few breakups have some similarities and you’re not really sure why.Maybe you feel like you’re leaning a little too much on your friends for direction.

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