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Click the arrow to the right to see what we can do for you.We have the passion and commitment for finding the right tools, selecting only the finest ideas and creative talent, and infusing everything we produce with the energy and authenticity of a superior, hand-crafted product. A law firm is different from a medical practice, which is different from a hedge fund, which is different from a bakery.To truly know the Internet marketing needs of a law firm, you need someone with legal education and experience running the show. Founded by a lawyer in 1999, LISI has built a team that understands legal marketing in a way that non-lawyers cannot. And we've put that understanding into every website, marketing campaign, and advisory session we've done. We develop and design custom microsites to fit seamlessly with your established brand. They are also necessary as Internet users are habituated to consulting them for information and, more important, a true sense of the people behind the scenes.We design and develop your blog to coordinate with your site and create a showcase for your firm’s personality.We set up, optimize, and manage profiles and advise which directories are most important, taking the burden off lawyers and their marketing support teams.Reach potential clients and service existing ones with email outreach, informative blog content, and special notices.

Contact us to learn more about the Internet marketing solutions to help your firm take the next step.It allows you to add, modify, archive, or delete website content with the ease of cutting and pasting and clicking an ‘update’ button. Those that are proprietary or licensed may leave a client with no choice but to maintain a costly relationship with the platform architects or someone specially trained to maintain a certain platform.Our system, called LISIPress 3.0™, allows for near-total control over the site’s text and many graphics.We guide your firm through the process of developing a tagline that will capture its essence in a short and memorable phrase.Once minted, your tagline can be used on the web, in print, and in any other marketing medium to increase awareness and revenue.

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Learn more about our Content Management System, LISIPress 3.0™.

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