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It was catchy and immediately went viral complete with a tweet from Arianna Huffington herself, coverage from CNN and Canada’s national news service.

Tech bloggers spread the story with glee, and the website was tweeted and shared so much that camp sold out minutes after tickets were released.

Ironic, yes, but indicative of how impactful true connections in reality can have in our virtual worlds.

Disconnect to reconnect is one of the mottos of Camp Grounded and it says it all.

Hanna says this sold-out June 14 to 17 event has attracted people from all over the world, including people in the tech community like CEOs and venture capitalists.

If your smartphone is attached to your hip, your blood flows like a Twitter feed and you're fairly certain your eyes permanently see through an Instagram filter, then maybe it's time to disconnect for a bit?" Or would it be too difficult for you to disconnect?Share your thoughts on this concept in the comments.Camp fires, friendship bracelets, sing-a-longs, hikes, s’mores - these may sound like beautiful memories of your summer camp past, but lo and behold, this experience is being recreated for adults with a twist.Meet The sleep-away camp hosts a variety of activities from yoga and archery to candle making and the obligatory summer game of capture the flag.

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