Doug from dating in the dark

‘I remember one photographer getting me to wear a basque with suspenders and stockings.

But by the time Susan was ten, her mother, who ran a bed and breakfast, sent her away to boarding school.‘He was affectionate and encouraging when I started reading Dickens at six.’But Bill and her mother Jean began to grow apart.When Susan was seven she was sent to stay with her grandmother in Cornwall until her parents divorced and Jean came back to bring up her family alone in St Ives.Bill had moved to San Francisco, on the advice of his doctor, who said a milder climate would help his increasingly weak heart. This was his way of saying sorry.’She saw him once more.He was working as an investigator for the Marines and had remarried.‘He bought me a present of a suede coat with a fur collar,’ she says. ‘He looked so sick that I cried and cried afterwards,’ she says.

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