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Each pot was filled with 11kg of air–dried soil with a sandy loam texture consisting of sand (75.7%), silt (20.4%) and clay (3.9%).

The bulk density of the soil was 1.47gcm and 7.4, respectively.

Hot peppers are one of the most popular and widely grown vegetables in the world, and are considered moderately sensitive to salt stress on growth, yield and quality rather than directly determining ET.

In addition, a limited number of studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of LFs on drainage water salinity and ET.

There is also scant information for nighttime ET under varying EC and the slopes of the regression functions were higher at – when the demand for evaporation was high.

The difference in terms of hourly ET over the different treatments became more marked as time went by (Fig. level increased after the second (16 DAT) and third applications (20 DAT) of saline water, respectively, for the both LFs.

Irrigation with saline water requires the application of extra water to enable the leaching of salts from the root zone in order to prevent their excessive accumulation.

Salinity reduced the cumulative ET and the extent of the reduction increased with time.

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Collectively, an increase in the level of ECEvapotranspiration (ET), causing the movement of water, nutrients and minerals from the roots to the plant organs, plays an important role in growth and water productivity.

ET is affected by many factors, for example weather, crop factors, management and environment.

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Daily and cumulative ET in the LF of 0.29 was considerably higher than in the LF of 0.17 from 65 DAT and 75 DAT, respectively.

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