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But Radio X could have done more, Of Com reckoned, to ensure such content didn’t air during the morning, not least because Brand’s show was pre-recorded.

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If you are 16 years or above you will be given a silver coloured plastic card the first time you register which allows you to get free condoms from a variety of different places in Edinburgh and the Lothians, including Crew.

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Both rules had been breached by the Sunday morning Elvis sex chat, Of Com concluded.

Global argued that Radio X targeted an “alternative” audience and “maintains a distinction from other mainstream stations”.

“That’s good, that’s how to do it”, Brand bantered back. “Well the only difficulty with that, is they’re studded, you see”, Burrell continued, “and they get very spiky and so they can cut you in places that you wouldn’t imagine. ” Inspired by that chit chat, another guest on the show then mused: “Do you remember that documentary where, I think Elvis came out of a hotel and he said he’d just met a prostitute and he just goes to his friend, he just goes, ‘You know that prostitute you showed me? So, all good fun for some Sunday morning listening then. “Rule 1.3 states that children must be protected by appropriate scheduling from material that is unsuitable for them”, Of Com stated in its latest Broadcast Bulletin earlier this week.

Enjoy an hour of the best up and coming one liner comedians on the circuit, in this celebration of puns, one liners and wordplay. 'His Intelligent Observations Will Have You Choking With Laug...

If you like profanity, women and very catchy tunes then Meat Market is for you. At over two metres tall, our XXXXL giant takes you on a spiralling adventure of odd relationships, loose cannon friends and how they all came together to teach ... This 60 minute show puts forth the silliest and funniest arguments on exact... Expect puns, one-liners and wordplay in this 3.3 laughs per... Nominated for Best Comedy at Fringe World 2016 & selling out all 23 shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2016. So, come join Sam for a drink and another hour of n...

Best friends and outraging people since they met, Becki and Zube from Meatmarket always draw a crowd. What do you get if you mix a Jewish Comic and a Sikh Comic? Henry Churniavsky and Joe Bains join forces for a fantastic show..will let you guess which one is which! Proudly supporting the Free Festival with a selection of four different comics daily. Come see your favorite cult movie classics read live and turned into an interactive drinking game! At over two metres tall, our XXXXL giant takes you on a spiralling adventure of odd relationships, loose cannon friends and how they all came together to teach ... With no prior stand up experience, and only a year to learn the craft; Mark Row faces the challenge of performing at the biggest Comedy Festival in the world! Award-winning gag merchant Masai Graham (UK Pun Champion 2016, Joke of the Fringe 2016) delivers over 100 naughry jokes in just half an hour. Original, notable and deplorable characters take to the stage to apologise directly to you for their wrongdoings. Find out about the plague of 'rats as big as cows' that are heading for British shores that the government doesn't want you to know about but its definitely true because ...

He has been beaten along his journey, but the spirit of the fighting Irish is strong in this young man! For almost 15 years Chortle has been scouring Britain's universities for the best student comedians, helping unearth talent such as Joe Lycett, Simon Bird, Chris Ramsey, Adam Hess and Jamali Maddix ...

Big Cat Small Flap is a surreal stand-up show about the famous giant talking cat called Mr Nibbles and his life and observations on being different in today's crazy world asking the questions; What is...

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