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As in most of the orders dating to medieval times, the First Order is the friars (who are active/contemplative), the Second Order is the nuns (who are cloistered), and the Third Order consists of laypeople who continue to live in the world, and can be married, but participate in the charism of the order by liturgical prayers, apostolates, and contemplative prayer.There are also offshoots such as active Carmelite sisters.) is a Roman Catholic religious order founded, probably in the 12th century, on Mount Carmel in the Crusader States, hence the name Carmelites.However, historical records about its origin remain uncertain.Julius of the Saviour and consecrated on 12 June 1836.) Some time between 12 the hermits, about whom very little is known, approached St.Albert of Jerusalem, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and Papal legate, for a Rule.(Albert is credited with giving a rule to the Humiliati during his long tenure as Bishop of Vercelli, and was well-versed in diplomacy, being sent by Pope Innocent III as Papal Legate to what was known as the Eastern Province.) Albert created a document, the Rule of St Albert, which is both juridically terse and replete with Scriptural allusions, thereby grounding the hermits in the life of the universal Church and their own aspirations.

Later Carmelite apologists, from the fourteenth century onwards, however, interpreted the Second Council of Lyon as a confirmation of the Order.Carmelite tradition traces the origin of the order to a community of hermits on Mount Carmel, which succeeded the schools of the prophets in ancient Israel or the Crusader states.There are no certain records of hermits on this mountain before the 1190s.The foundation is believed to have been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.(The Carmelites were forced to leave the site, and the Holy Land, in 1291.

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