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In the title of his great chronicle, he prefixes the old to the new name and proudly adds the epithet Angligena ("English-born"). He turned his attention at an early date to literature, and for many years appears to have spent his summers in the scriptorium.

Orderic's first literary efforts were a continuation of William of Jumièges' Gesta normannorum ducum, a broad history of the Normans and their dukes from the founding of Normandy, which Orderic carried forward into the early twelfth century.

Saint-Evroul was a house of wealth and distinction.

War-worn knights chose it as a resting place for their last years.

It was constantly entertaining visitors from southern Italy, where it had established new foundations, and from England, where it had extensive possessions.

Thus Orderic, though he witnessed no great events, was well-informed about them.

The parents paid thirty marks for their son's admission; he expresses the conviction that they imposed this exile upon him from an earnest desire for his welfare.

Before 1067 these are chiefly derived from two extant sources: William of Jumieges' Gesta Normannorum Ducum and William of Poitiers' Gesta Guillelmi.

After 855 this becomes a bare catalogue of popes, ending with the name of Innocent I.

These books Orderic added in 1136–1141 as an afterthought to the original scheme.

When Orderic was five, his parents sent him to an English monk, Siward by name, who kept a school in the Abbey of SS Peter and Paul at Shrewsbury.

At the age of eleven, Orderic was entrusted as an oblate to the Abbey of Saint-Evroul in the Duchy of Normandy, which Montgomerie had formerly despoiled but, in his later years, was loading with gifts.

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