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In the early Church, teachers in the catechetical schools were known as doctores audientium (Cyprian, Ep. Hartel); and finally, in the course of time, some of the most illustrious theologians were designated as "Doctors of the Church" (q.v.).The use of Doctor as an academic title dates from the founding of the medieval universities.This prerogative developed gradually out of the licentia docendi which the degree itself implied, i.e.the right to teach in the university which conferred the doctorate.

The doctorate in music was conferred at Oxford and Cambridge in the fifteenth century.Amen." Then followed a disputation ( aulica ) in which the chancellor, the masters, and one of the bachelors took part.It was customary also to hold, on the evening before inception, an elaborate disputation known as vesperiœ (see, for details, "Chartularium", II, App., p. Among the various doctorates, that in theology ranked first. In the German universities, for instance, licentiates in law or medicine might become bachelors in theology after five years of theological study; they would then be obliged to pursue the course prescribed for the other candidates.For graduates in arts and theology, magister was more generally employed than doctor , but for a long time these titles were synonymous.The English universities, adopting the usage of Paris, at first designated teachers of law as doctors, and professors of theology as masters; but in the course of time the former title was given to all the superior faculties, and the latter was reserved for grammar and arts.

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