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Communication is maintained with San Francisco twice a day by the South Pacific Coast R. Many institutions of a high character are maintained by public and private appro- priations and donations. James, gen'l mdse Page E W, real estate agent Shepard B . The place is some- what noted for the '- big trees" in the yicinity, which attract numbers of people to yiew their majestic proportions. yia San lead to the establishment of vari- ous manufacturing enterprises, which will add materially to the wealth and prosperity of the city. In close proximity to^ the town are fifteen large dairies Jones J B, physician Jordan J M, warehouse propri- etor, lumber and produce Kirkland . The religious denominations are represented by the Episco- palians, Methodists, Southern Methodists, Presbyterians, Con- gregationalists, Baptists, Ad- ventists and Roman Catholics, several of which OAvn handsome church edifices. The principal industry in this sec- tion is the manufacture of lum- ber. An Orphans, Home provides for the care and maintenance of fatherless and motherless children, and a good hospital and infirmary provide accommodations for the sick. Adams A, proprietor Railroad House Bennis Samuel, restaurant Cooper Henry E, att'y at law Ferish M, groceries Grigsby M E, cigars and con- fectionery Hardy Charles, butcher Heffner George, liquor saloon Trmscher H, shoe-maker Kimball Frank A, real estate Kimball Warren C, real estate Kinsell D C & Son, stoves, tin, and Hardware Knevels H J, liquor saloon Littleton C B Mrs, restaurant Parsons George, postma^er Priest R, merchant tailor San Diego Land & Town Co, Frank A Kimball agent Sanders & Tower, gen'l mdse Schmitt Otto, liquor saloon Sleppy J, tinsmith and stoves Thorn F W, liquor saloon Navarro Ridge P 0, Mendocino Co, is situated on the sea-coast about 15 miles south of Mendocino City. Williams Joseph Chevelier L M Berkeley Gazeneo'o John •ZD Seo'uie Ge^ro-e " Straub E Crescent Citv Sloan C F Duncan's Mills Coleman James M — Eureka Gallagher Armann . Haines F M Mathews P W Richardson & Armstrong " Hart C B Ferndale Nichols Bros " Freitas J B . The Los Angeles Public Library, containing about 2.600 volumes, is main- tained by a direct levy on the taxable property of the city, and by monthly subscriptions of twenty-five cents, paid by persons drawing books for home reading. There is at present one school, having an average at- tendance of one hundred schol- ars, and three churches, Epis- copalian, Congregational, and Independent. BULLE Y CIA,, Hermosillo, Mex., Mining and Agricultural Supplies Wnj. In the vicinity of the town are several expensive olive groves. Agents for the "Nfe W YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO." j CD in BOOKBINDERS, PRINTERS I BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURERS j VFINE BIN INGS A . In addition to these institutions of le amino- is the University of Southern California, and a Branch for- mal School. Communi- cation is maintained with San Francisco bv the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. It is a orrowingj and flourishins; place, and is the terminus of the California Southern Eail- road. Go., {"Tu S^Ei Pasi.'san i Scrco M handles, Teas, Goffe8, E 0 ta tn H 0 e 0 e 56 CALIFORNIA CO o 0 0 g »4 soil of this section are well adapted for the cultivation of all kinds of tropical fruits. Asbestos Packing, Disston's Circular Saws, New York Belting and Packing Co's Rubber Belting, Hose. PUBLISHER, Office, 534 California Street, Bacon & Company, Printers, 1882. An organization of Good Templars advocates the cause of temperance. capitalist, 77 Main Dreyer& TTangeman, manufac- turers cigars, 46 Spring Ducommun C, h'^rdware and mechanics' tools, o-4 Main Dunham & Schiefelin, propri- etors Fico House, 4-8 Main Dunkelberger L E, postmaster, Spring near First Dunlap J D, deputv U S mar- shal Dunsmore I A, fancy goods, etc, 25 Spring Dupuv J & Co, liverv stable, 162 Main Dupuy & Finney, proprietors Pioneer Livery Stable, 16 Requena Fames & Levering, fruit trees, cor Fort and First Eastman, Haley, & Roberts, attorneys at law. 9-4 Spring Eckert Robert, proprietor Congress Hall, Main and Requena Edelman & Co.

A valuable feature of the work is a reliable list of the merchants, etc., in several important towns on the west coast of Mexico, a rich and fertile section that is now attracting the attention of the merchants and manufacturers of the 'United States. & Co 528 Chapman & Cunningham 419 Chilberg Andrew 525 Clackamas Paper Co 515 Collins T 413 Cook A. H 414 PAGB Eisenbeis Charles 525 Enterprise Mill and Building Co. The Southern Pacific Railroad maintains daily communication with San Francisco and inter- mediate points. i SAFFORD, HUDSON & CO., Bankers, Tucson and Tombstone, Ariz. 23 Longley A H, stoves and tin- ware Meyer G, liquor saloon Mills John, proprietor Plaza Hotel Mitchell J W, varieties Parker John, physician and druggist Pomber J M, livery stable Eairdon John, harness and sad- dle maker Walsh M F, wines, liquors, ci- gars, and tobacco Watson J E, grqperies and ci- gars Wells, Fargo & Co, W H Gib- son, agent Western Union Telegraph Co, T Wood, manager Whitcher C R, blacksmith Wood, Dutcher & Co, gen'l mdse and grain warehouse Zanolene B, liquor saloon Cayucos P 0, San Luis Obispo Co, is situat- ed on Estero Bay, 180 miles south of San Francisco, and 14 miles south-east of Cambria. BULLE Y GIA., Hermosillo, Mex., Alastecimientos para Minas y Agricultura nr»v, D Unnnnr^ a (7n ( 113 Maiden Lane, N. Ano-eles City Library, Miss Mary E Foy librarian, 65 Main Los Angeles County Bank, . Trask P H Costa F San Luis Obispo Hasse C " Medeiros J E. " Forster Adam Santa Ana Watson P " Brecht August .

furniture, 816 and 830 Broadway Lindenbaum & Barnett, furni- ture and crockery, 800-802 Broadway Lindsey J W, house painter, 1564 Seventh G. Baker superintendent Boston J M, attorney at law and notary public, 921 Broad- way Pounstone A L, publisher The Mirror, 921 Broadway & t Dealers in Albion River ]Cargroes of J (Lumber to order.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco, and other points in California, Arizona, Xew Mexico, and Texas by the Southern Pacific R, P., con- at Deming, New with the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe R. H E,' principal Hopkins Academy, Plymouth ave bet Broadway and Telegraph ave Johnson J A, attorney at law, 921 Broadway Johnson John, real estate agent, 962 Broadway CD X o o Q W Q BULLE Y CIA., Hermosillo, Mex., General Merchandise. I^iimte J| l OX ]VEarket Street, ' SAFFORD, HUDSON & CO., Bankers, Tucson and Tombstone, Ariz. 69 Kraft George, liquor saloo D, 719 Broadwav Kramm & Dieves, proprietors Oakland Brewery^ cor Tele- graph ave and Durant Krepper Nicolas, lock and gun- smith, 420 Eleventh Krepper P H, gun and lock- smith, 904 Washington Kriechbaum J G, physician, 875 Washington Kuerzel Robert, cigars and to- bacco, 869 Broadway La Brie E, physician, 1156 Broadway Lachman & Jacobi, wines and liquors, 474 Eighth Lackenbach Charles, fruits and produce, 915 Seventh Lafterty Owen, butcher, 667- 669 Broadway Lafleche George T, proprietor Capital House, 552 Broad- way Lahr Peter, shoemaker, 1787 Seventh Laidlaw Walter, lumber, s e cor Seventh and Brush Lamb William, fish, 689 East Central ave Lamping P A, constable, 476 Eighth Lane C S, dentist, 1207 Broad- way Laphani Grant, insurance agent, 483 Xioth Larkin & Harrington, wholesale butchers, Butchertown Lathrop Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 1059 Broad- way Laton B B, agent Liverpool & London and Globe Insurance Co, 468 Xinth Lauden M K, proprietor Oak- land Business Co Uesje, 1069 Broadway Laursen Michael, windmill manufacturer, 701 Adeline Lawrence Brothers, groceries, 612 East Central ave Lawrence De Witt C, pub- lisher Oakland Press, Seventh nr Willow Lawrie A G, searcher records, 812 Broadway Lawton Israel, attorney at law, 957 Broadway Layton H J Mrs, proprietress Star House, 1803 Seventh Leake LI A, attorney at law and notary public, 957 Broad- way Learn R B, dentist, 618 East Central ave Leavitt A Mrs, photographer, 911 Broad wav Lee P W & Co', butchers, 1321 San Pablo ave Leffingwell James S, physician, 1113 Broadway Legler Henry T, physician, 1104 Broadway Lehmann H G, bootmaker, 1174 Broadway Lehrbass Richard, liquor saloon, 919 Seventh Leise Henry, butcher, 765 East Central ave Lentell James, harness and sad- dle maker, 469 Fourteenth Letter Jacob, clothing, 1001 Broadway Levy Henry, constable, 859 Broadway Levy M & Co, pawnbrokers, 906 Broadway Levy Wolf, tailor, 850 Broad- way Lewis C R & Co, produce, 467 Eleventh Lewis G W, attorney at law, 921 Broadway Lewis S, watchmaker and jew- eler, 841 Broadway Lindenbaum Mever.

The climate is mild and of an even temperature, the distance from the coast being sufiicient to escape the high winds which at times prevail there, yet close enouo;h to receive the moisten- ing and cooling influence of the sea air. 38 CALIFORNIA the city maintain daily com- munication with Anaheim, Downey, Santa Ana, Wilming- ton, Santa Monica, etc, connect- ing with stages for San Diego and other points. The principal resource of this section is the timber lands, although farming and stock raising are carried on to some extent. Byrnes J C, hotel Erickson John, liquor saloon Macpherson T, gen'l mdse Mortier F, hotel STARBIRD & GOLDSTONE, ( Dealers in li UMBER FOR HEADER WAGO 1 BEDS, dsc, l Ol Market Street, S. SAFFORD, HUDSON & CO., Bankers, Tncson and Tombstone, Ariz. Q M t* b O H O o H H N o O CD BUSINESS DIRECTORY AXD GAZETTEER.

Gas and water works, street rail- roads, telegraph and telephone lines, are also amono- the in- stitutions maintained for the convenience and comfort of the inhabitants, and a U. Land Oflice affords facilities for the entry of public lands. Stewart & Hunter, general merchandise and lumber chute North San Diego P 0, San Diego Co, is situated about 4 miles from San Diego City, on the site of the old mis- sion established in 1769 IS'eale George, gen'l mdse O'Neil P, hotel Rose Louis, postmaster Noyo P 0, Mendocino Co, is situated at the mouth of the Noyo River, 10 miles north of Mendocino City. ^«e T**s^#^^^ SAFFORD, HUDSON & CO., Bankers, Tucson and Tombstone, Ariz.

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