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Granted by “deceptively intelligent” I mean ridiculously juvenille, but in this case it works out perfectly.

Any idiot can write in stupid tricks like kicking someone in the balls, but it takes real genius to get as much mileage out of it as does.

The main protagonist, a hardcore video gamer who gets transported into the world of the game after accepting a request from a female character.

He wields the "Alma Gear" sword, which is capable of transforming into a giant hammer with jet boosters.

Someone who spends enough time on fiction can almost always predict where a well written story is going and how things will take place.

Kon’s loser persona often makes him the butt of the joke but he also plays a great straight man, whether it’s to the playfully transgender Mariandale, the more than meets the eye meathead Sainglain, or any of the Incognito member’s vices.

Kon is a normal teenage boy who is spends his time playing a MMRPG where he is going nowhere, that is, until a girl in the game asks him for his help in the "real world" and he agrees.

Then he does go somewhere - where, he isn't sure, but it is a fantasy setting much like the game, though nothing looks familiar.

I mean we all knew he wasn’t gettin’ any, but considering that was his main motivation throughout the series I would have liked to see a more elaborate way of shutting him down.

Even that was made up for though by the fake the game.

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