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He told me things like he was also a widower and told me about his wife etc. I gave him my mobile and he rang me each evening and we would chat for 5 or 10 mins at a cost to him not me. When I came back we chatted for another couple of weeks and then he asked me for some money so that he could home and we could be together.

I was so gullible for the love but as soon as he asked me for money I cut him off completely.

It helps to get the truth out because no matter how many times people lie, the truth will always come shining through.But I will say if they sound too good to be true cut them off and don't even say anything to them just get rid of them as soon as possible for the sake of your heart and in a lot of circumstances your pocket.They pretend to be soldiers, working in Pakistan and also in jobs that will pull at your heart strings to make you fall for them as soon as possible.The best advice I can give you is if anyone asks for money or your bank details to transfer money into - cut them off totally and report them to the site you originally met on.I also did some checking on other sites and also facebook and reported him on each site in a hope that nobody else can be conned by him.

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He is a widow and has a 15 years old son is in bording school in Miami where he has a house with dogs. I have been wooed by a man who says he is a neurologist working for the UN Damascus Syria. He says he was shot in the arm and afraid for his life and wanted me to get him out. He was afraid he would be killed and was afraid for his life and wanted to come to me. He sent other pics of men being murdered to get my sympathy.

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