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4, 2014 to present its reply and Costa Rica until Feb. In separate but related news, the Nicaraguan government sent a note to the Costa Rican government on Feb.2, on the occasion of the latter country’s elections and proposed that the “path of dialogue be taken up again…19, 2012, “and the threat of the use of force by Colombia in order to implement these violations.” The 2012 ruling, which came after 11 years of arguments, established the boundaries between the two countries in the Caribbean, confirming that the islands of the San Andres Archipelago belonged to Colombia but assigning the greater part of the waters to Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan boat captain said, “As far as I know, we are in Nicaraguan waters; if you don’t accept that, it’s your problem” to which the Colombian vessel replied, “It’s a decision of our government to permit you to remain in this area fishing.” The fishermen feared that “a conflict could begin as there were two Colombian frigates and just one Nicaraguan boat.” Apart from the Nov.Nicaragua must submit arguments in this new case by Oct. 26 complaint about violations by Colombia, on Sept. Constitutional amendments now in force On Monday, Feb.Many believe that the epidemic is caused by dehydration in the fields under the hot tropical sun. A 2012 CKD study in Sri Lanka found two toxic metals, cadmium from fertilizers and arsenic from pesticides, in the blood of farm workers in rice fields who suffered from kidney disease. Universities adding career paths to qualify students for Grand Canal work The National Council of Universities (CNU) announced that Nicaragua’s 50 public and private universities and university branches will initiate courses this year to educate “highly qualified” personnel to work for the “Grand Canal”.Others say that it could be that the workers chew on the cane and the combination of dehydration with cane juice would contribute to the disease. Peter Hotez, dean of Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, says, “People have been sweating and getting dehydrated in the sugar cane fields for hundreds of years, at least since the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade. WHO experts suggest that continuous exposure to these metals could explain the elevated levels of CKD in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The Grand Canal is an inter-oceanic shipping canal megaproject which will connect the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea with a deeper and wider alternative to the Panama Canal.

The center-left Citizen Action Party (PAC) candidate Solis agreed with Chinchilla that “We have very important differences with Nicaragua.” But, he insisted, “We can’t continue to ‘Nicaraguanize’ our entire foreign policy” and added, “Costa Rica and Nicaragua can’t get a divorce; we are countries that will be neighbors forever.” Araya, of the National Liberation Party (PLN) currently in power, said that Costa Rica “must continue with firmness to defend its sovereignty at the International Court of Justice… I believe that Costa Rica has been a country open to dialogue and we have to analyze if it’s sincere and respects our national sovereignty.” (Radio La Preimerisima, Feb. 3 fixing the dates for the submission of initial arguments in a case filed by Nicaragua against Colombia on Nov. As the Court noted, the case concerns a complaint by Nicaragua about Colombia’s violations of the Court’s ruling of Nov. 29, a Nicaraguan naval vessel received a radio message from a Colombian war ship stating, “The ruling from The Hague [the World Court] is not applicable and for that reason units of the Navy of the Republic of Colombia will continue exercising sovereignty in these waters.” La Prensa said that the Nicaraguan vessel replied saying that it was Nicaraguan territory and closed with “Have a good day.” That same day Nicaraguan fishermen, out in their boat in the newly adjudicated waters, was contacted by the same Colombian vessel and told that the waters are not Nicaraguan but rather Colombian.

This weekly news bulletin is the successor to the Nicaragua News Service and Nicaragua Network Hotline. Universities adding career paths to qualify students for Grand Canal work 6. New developments in disputes with Costa Rica In reply to a request from Nicaragua, the International Court of Justice (World Court) announced last week that Nicaragua will be able to present a reply to Costa Rica’s defense of the road it built along the southern bank of the San Juan River and that Costa Rica will be able to present a rebuttal.

This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part. Nicaragua has sued Costa Rica in the World Court for ecological damages caused by erosion into the river from the controversial road which was built without any environmental impact study and has been investigated for corruption by the Costa Rican legislature.

Women must now make up half of each party’s slate for all electoral offices at both national and local levels.

As noted previously in this News Bulletin, several last-minute changes were made to the slate of amendments before the 2013 vote.

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