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SHA checksum failed(we should either delete it or choose a fixed version), Installer worked, but the program immediately crashes and makes a crash dump, and keeps doing it over and over.(date 2015-12-13) Black_Fox: works fine, attached an ext4 volume and successfully retrieved a file.[Matthew | Screenshot | Download] Dana is a simple, skinnalbe IRC client. It does let you store a number of servers, and even has a favorites list. The skinning format is pretty simple and straight forward.

Notifications can either be cancelled by clicking on them, or left to disappear automatically if ignored for a period of time." Extensions are already available for the following applications: 3RVX works with the Fn key on laptops as well and it's really refreshing to see a new image instead of the classic sndvol32dialog... NET Framework (v1.1, v2.0, etc.) may be required to run 3RVX. Between that, and ~300k file size, it's blazing fast.He's got several nice tricks to try out, but first here's a mini-interview for those who haven't been lurking around the Virtual forum.Red: So tell us a little about yourself & your site?Afterwards all 7 links started up successfully (no JRE for base, but this is minor) Impressive result reactosfanboy: rapps displays wrong version.The downloader got indeed (most likely always downloads newest).

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