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The treaty gave Britain Florida in exchange for the return of the city of Havana on to Spain.

After regaining the city, the Spanish transformed Havana into the most heavily fortified city in the Americas.

All attempts to found a city on Cuba's south coast failed.The city extends mostly westward and southward from the bay, which is entered through a narrow inlet and which divides into three main harbors: Marimelena, Guanabacoa and Atarés.The sluggish Almendares River traverses the city from south to north, entering the Straits of Florida a few miles west of the bay.In 1837, the first railroad was constructed, a 51 km (32 mi) stretch between Havana and Bejucal, which was used for transporting sugar from the valley of Güines to the harbor.With this, Cuba became the fifth country in the world to have a railroad, and the first Spanish-speaking country.

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