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Lysacek's Olympic performance was spectacular, as was the way he handled himself afterwards.But, with the exception of his joy at winning gold, I've yet to witness anything out of him that rings genuine. "The couple met in October 2008 while performing on an NBC Skating & Gymnastic Spectacular and told the magazine that they have been dating since last summer when they attended the ESPYs together."The couple -- who met in October 2008 in Rapid City, S.D., while performing on the NBC special Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular -- confirm to PEOPLE exclusively that they've been dating since last summer." But just last weekend Lysacek, who won a figure skating gold medal on Thursday, said something very different. "I haven't had any time for dating while I'm training. The article now says that only Liukin -- and not "the couple" -- have confirmed the relationship.“We’ve gotten to know each other really well and [are] able to connect because there’s nothing like the Olympics.We both know what it takes to try for the ultimate dream of being an Olympic champion.” After meeting, “We just became really good friends and become really close since then,” adds Lysacek. “It was cool but nerve-racking watching her compete – to be on the balance beam like that?

“I think he’s handling the controversy well,” says Liukin, who lives in Dallas and travels to L. Evan was a little upset, and I told him, ‘You have worked your entire life and you have achieved the biggest reward in your sport, so enjoy every aspect of it.’ ” After Lysacek’s win, they did. A., says Liukin, “We hang out, go to dinner and movies, and lay low.

“To see his dreams come true was amazing,” Liukin says.

“It was nice to be on other side of things and be the support system, but I was nervous.” “She been so helpful to me,” adds Lysacek. If I’m having a bad day, she tells me to have faith and to keep going.

Is it possible that feelings between the two gold medalists aren't mutual?

A scan of their twitter pages reveals that the blonde gymnast has tweeted to Lysacek no less than seven times since the Vancouver Olympics began -- while the figure skater has mentioned her just once.

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OMG, sports fans, it's true: Vancouver figure skating gold medalist Evan Lysacek and Beijing gymnastics gold medalist Nastia Liukin have been dating since last summer!

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