Male chat bots for girls

I dunno, female chatbots seem to be more common, especially customer service bots.

Females are generally considered more approachable, but I wonder if the choice is more often audience-oriented or the creator’s personal preference.

Then again, it seemed to work for Siegfried and Roy.

As for men and women preferring to talk to a female persona, I have to agree.

All interesting and valid points, and I agree with each of them.

I have to wonder how the art of misdirection would work for magicians if the assistant were male instead of female.

This is simply a theory, for the sake of discussion (not intended to sound chauvinistic).Most people don’t care, those with a preference mostly want a female robot friend (mostly males).The visitors do want to personify the bot, trying hard to get it to pick a gender or allow them to choose one for it.It may have something to do with enhancing the illusion.For example, the BBC host may have also made an observation that the same was typical among magician’s assistants.

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"It seemed arbitrary to us to binary him."But when they did take the plunge to give Poncho a more human pronoun, the team opted for a male one. It's progressive."There are so many female chatbots" Boyer-Dry said.

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