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Two of Than Than Htwe's sons work as trishaw drivers, earning about 5,000 kyat per day (roughly .7).

Her son-in-law earns a similar wage as a casual labourer, but is offered only 10 to 15 days work a month.

Three rows of wooden stilts elevate Than Than Htwe's house above a stagnant pond in Seikkyi Khanaungdho township, an island that lies at the convergence of the Yangon river and Twante canal in Myanmar's largest city.

She shares the one-room house with eight members of her family and a scourge of deadly mosquitoes that fester in the thick, green water beneath her feet.

"I think this really highlights the terrible condition that people are living in - if they can borrow money then they can feed their kids; if they cannot pay it back and cannot borrow again, then they will not eat," she tells Al Jazeera.

Their research also shows that 50 percent of children drop out of school at the age of 13.

"Just to pay my daily interest rates I have to go round [and] borrow money from neighbours, and now people resent me because I am always borrowing." While one of the main reasons for contracting heavy loans was health-related costs, an increase in food prices means more and more people are relying on predatory loan sharks for basic living expenses.

"I have worked in Asia most of my life and I have not come across such high levels of indebtedness.

The number of people borrowing, the amount they are borrowing and interest rates are worse than anywhere else I have seen," says urban poverty adviser Mike Slingsby.

Out of school and with high familial debt, she too is vulnerable to child labour, early marriage or perhaps worse.

"With such high interest rates, a poor family can very quickly find themselves with 4 lakh (roughly 6), 5 lakh (roughly 0) or even 6 lakh (roughly 4) of debt …

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