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So, if you’ve wondered why the woman you’re dating or are married to won’t have sex with you, you may have chalked it up to the antiquated theory that guys just think about sex all of the time, while women don’t. Since each relationship and situation is unique to the people involved, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer as to why she won’t have sex with you. They know if they have sex and orgasm, that releases oxytocin, which is known as the attachment or cuddle hormone.But, there definitely are some clues depending on the stage of your relationship. Just make sure that you don’t overthink things early on. Pacing sex is a way of pacing their emotional involvement because in the beginning, you’re just enjoying getting to know one another and neither of you can predict whether this relationship will last two weeks, six months, or longer.” Marni Kinrys, owner of “It took me nearly two months to have sex with my husband when I met him,” Kinrys says.

“She might feel objectified and, for many couples, a desire discrepancy can lead to tension on both sides,” Fleming says.

You’re comfortable with each other, but aren’t aware of all of the little things yet.

You’re not sure if you’re not having sex because you said something wrong or the Mexican food at dinner earlier isn’t agreeing with her and she doesn’t want to tell you.

My first response was like, maybe we shouldn’t have put that on the screen at all.” Despite some backlash, Sophie decided it was high time to address the issue head on.

"The more we talk about sexual assault the better, and screw the people who are saying we shouldn’t be putting this on TV and screw the people who are saying they’re going to boycott the show because of it," she said. Count me in for a season that hopefully delivers even more solid content.

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“More often than not, it isn't personal and doesn't have anything to do with the husband,” says Jane Greer, Ph.

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