Old fashioned way of dating

Just make sure you expand your repertoire beyond simple texting.

As Scharf tells me, all you need to do is give them a proper goodnight kiss (whatever that means to you), and then stroll off into the sunset. Apparently, as relationship coach Cindi Sansone-Braff tells me, people used to call each other after a date.If you want to take date night a step further, be classy AF and ring their doorbell.As dating expert Treva Brandon Scharf tells me, going up to their door (instead of honking from the road or texting for them to come out) is just about as romantic as it gets.Back in the day, couples got all sorts of dressed up to go out. And while some of us still go this route, I'd say casual dates are a bit more popular.While that's perfectly OK (and so comfy), there are some benefits to gettin' fancy.

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