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Authors introduction Links to related Exodus Route documents 10 Chronological facts about the events of the Exodus Historical survey of the before the Exodus Exodus Antitypes in the New Testament 25 antitypical parallels between Moses and Apostle Paul Six men who misled the world away from the true exodus route. We began with the Bible as our only guide and blueprint for locating places connected with the exodus.We completely ignored everything EXCEPT the bible: We ignored: maps, history, commentaries and the opinions of archeologists. Sinai is in Arabia: Gal ) We were also able to prove from scripture that Kadesh Barnea must be Transjordan, somewhere south of the Dead Sea in modern Jordan.I did not discover this exodus route, I merely restored it to what is revealed in scripture.I hope this book will strengthen your faith in God's inspired word.

The tomb, however, was empty; someone had removed the mummy, apparently before the smashing took place.Archeology has shown from excavations at Rameses (Tel el-Dab'a), that from the time of Jacob entering Egypt in 1876 BC, Asiatics ran the commerce hub located there as an egalitarian society. David Rohl was first to make the connection with the archeology at Tel el-Daba and the tomb of Joseph. This is perfect fit for the death of Joseph in 1806 BC.The Egyptians were always careful to portray different things that showed the national background of the subjects of their paintings or statues, as well as their status in society.This led to speculation that this was a portrayal of Joseph, since all these facts would fit what we know about Joseph from the Bible.It has therefore been called by some the Joseph statue.

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