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Since I have never tried being a TB or AB, I can't say I don't like it- I may. I am only interested in people, preferably guys (but if you are a girl, go ahead and e-mail me I'll probably be all for a meeting :) ), who are 18 to 30. Comments: Hello, I am looking to make friends, and find a sitter or mommy figure one day. No long term relationships just meetings for diaper play. Would be slow to go beyond that until after getting to know someone that way.

I am pre op trans, meaning I have a female body but I identify fully as male. I'm not looking for a romantic relationship, but who knows :) Comments: I would like to meet some AB's that are like me and will accept me for the way that I am and maybe meet some that are diaper dependant 24/7 and some that will want to hang and have a snack or something like that. I am looking for someone who isn't ashamed of me, and who insist on you bein yourself, and not something you are not............ Comments: I'm about to be 26 next month and my husband doesn't like to diaper punish me at all.

I have right now 72 depend maximum protection 50 dc amor 50 fabine exclusiv 70 other/random brands I own many pacifiers baby and adult.

I own lots of dresses, skirts, panties and home made onesies.

For fun I like biking, swimming, sledding, modding my car, movies, videos and much more.

I'm looking for someone to hang out with that has similar interests.

I need someone to talk to about my life with for my family shunned me for my lifestyle. I would like to meet a baby like me in Ogden Utah to play with me. My mom had threatened to shave and diaper me for having damp undies than never did just like she never spanked so would like a spanking mommy or daddy. I own my baby blankets from birth and stuffed animals.

Comments: I am a musician who is in college right now. Looking for a girl who shares similar qualities or someone who will listen and understand me and who will always be by my side no matter what.

I am a very calm, cool, collected type person who is very out going, yet very shy. I would like to find a girl who would like to be my girlfriend. Looking for friends as well who share same interests.

Comments: DL Daddy looking for AB or DL boys for friendship, playmates, or to baby-sit. Comments: I'm really fun but been doing this off and on for years.

Slender, fit, patient Daddy who loves to baby, diaper, change, and play with other DL's or AB's in a REAL TIME setting. I just came out to my boyfriend I have been with for a year and told him about this and coincidently he is a DL and now he is my new daddy.

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