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It is known that Linda’s "new boyfriend" whose appearance makes him look like an upmarked version of Mark Lui, is about 30 years old this year, and comes from quite a decent family.

His parents have a property worth about HKD,000,000 in Shatin, and the 2 of them already knew each other since studying in Canada, but only officially started dating 2 months ago.

Recently Raymond Lam was afraid that the Pan Shuang Shuang fiasco might happen again, so he sent an SMS to Linda Chung to warn her.

It also made me want to get married too, but unfortunately, I don't have anyone at the moment," he said.

When asked if Rebecca has the three things he is looking for, he responded, "We're colleagues who just met.

In early May this year, before Yue Fu’s Hidden Dragon filming began, she took the opportunity to meet her secret "new boyfriend".

On the 10th of May extended holiday, about 6.30pm, she purposely wore low-key looking attire, and wore little makeup, a black cap,black thick-rimmed glasses, a T-shirt and a black backpack like a common civilian, having 0 celebrity style, and would be difficult to point her out as the TV Queen.

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