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What should online daters do to increase their chances of finding love?Reis told Web MD that daters should look at only a handful of people at a time, allowing them to evaluate partners on an individual level, not just how they compare to other potential dates.Reis, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester in N.Y., told Web MD that he thinks the sites should share their methodology anyway."Online dating is a marvelous addition to the ways in which singles can meet potential romantic partners," study author Dr.

The study found that it provides some benefits, including helping folks who might have a hard time meeting people because of their schedules or if they're new in town.

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(CBS) Are you one of the millions of Americans who use online dating to look for love?

Don't just look at characteristics people list in their profile, he said, but try to picture yourself going on a vacation with this person.

He also advised daters to keep their online communication short and try to meet in-person quickly, because written words can sometimes take on unrealistic significance.

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