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Integrity Suomenlinna consists of several defensive and utilitarian buildings that blend the architecture and functionality of the fortress within the surrounding landscape.

The property includes the islands upon which the fortress was built.

The Governing Body of Suomenlinna, a government agency under the Ministry of Education and Culture, owns most of the historical buildings in Suomenlinna.

The Governing Body is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the fortress.

This forms a consistent ensemble extensive enough to preserve and present the values of the property.

Most of the fortifications and utilitarian buildings dating from the Swedish and Russian periods are well preserved.

Protection and management requirements Suomenlinna is legally protected under national legislation.

The original fortress was built using local rock and fortified with a system of bastions over varied terrain.Source: Brief synthesis Suomenlinna (Sveaborg) is a sea fortress, which was built gradually from 1748 onwards on a group of islands belonging to the district of Helsinki.The work was supervised by the Swedish Admiral Augustin Eherensvärd (1710-1772), who adapted Vauban’s theories to the very special geographical features of the region.Authenticity The fortifications and the various buildings, all dating from different eras, as well as the surrounding environment, help preserve Suomenlinna’s characteristics, particularly with regard to building materials, methods and architecture.Since Suomenlinna became a residential area, traditional construction methods have been favoured to ensure the preservation of the property, and are implemented in a manner that respects its cultural and historical values.

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