Sean kingston dating maliah

With these strippers / video girls in hip hop being known for turning tricks and slanging p*ssy with everyone in the game. I'm going to have to disagree with The Game on this one because we don't know the intent behind the relationship.

I mean they might really have something special going on.

Galore and Watts accepted Drake's invitation but Michel got really offended by the word "retired" and slammed the singer stating, Contrary to 'social media news' no man can retire me. She further claimed that during her relationship with Drake, he said many hurtful and mean things about her dancing, " After that, she was linked with singer Sean Kingston for a brief period of time and that too didn't work out well for Michel.

Well, we hope she soon finds the right man for her who'll respect her profession and treat her right.

Maliah Michel, the glamour model once caught the attention of everyone when she slammed the famous Drake, who happened to be her ex-boyfriend.

A Jamaican-American singer, songwriter rapper and actor who rose to fame after release of his single "Beautiful Girls" which was included in his Platinum-selling debut album, Sean Kingston. His professional journey started after he was discovered by Tommy Rotem on Myspace.but he did keep these tweets up: At the end of the day … The vixen was spotted on the arm of 'Beautiful Girls' singer Sean at the American Music Awards last month and speculation began that he was dating Drizzy's "sloppy seconds." However, Maliah has set the record straight on the nature of her relationship with Sean, in an interview with Autumn Joi. "The first time we hung out was at the AMAs he asked me to be his date so I thought wow cool. Every since then we've just been cool and he's great When asked if she and Sean had slept together, Maliah replied: "It really bothers me how all the blogs ask is he hitting that? I really feel like I need to know the person I'm dealing with and that takes time." Maliah also described ex-boyfriend Drake as a "gentleman" and explained the reason for their split.Maliah sure knows how to stay in the spotlight, be it the backlash tweets against her ex Drake or through her exotic dancing skills that blow our mind.But this time, Maliah has chosen to remain under the radar and she's not whipped any scandals so far.

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