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"We weren't even trying to fill the shoes, in a way, because nobody is going to touch Sarah Jessica Parker in my mind. "It was about finding a fresh girl to play an icon.

[Anna Sophia] brought such intelligence and grace to the screen and continues to do so." Harris, who often consults with her 17-year-old niece, chatted with . From the very beginning, when I was pitching the show, it was an origin story.

Sex and the City still airs in syndication worldwide and has been listed on Entertainment Weeklys end-of-the-decade "best of" list and as one of Time magazine's 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.

The show was based in part on writer Candace Bushnell's 1997 book of the same name, compiled from her column at The New York Observer.

It spawned two feature films, Sex and the City (2008) and its sequel Sex and the City 2 (2010), and a prequel series by The CW, The Carrie Diaries.

It also won seven of its 54 Emmy Award nominations, eight of its 24 Golden Globe Award nominations, and three of its 11 Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

The series received both acclaim and criticism for its subjects and characters, and is credited with helping jump-start HBO.

For Carrie, if she never saw that, you really romanticize that. I’m fully aware that there are people out there who are angry about the change, but I also feel like, give us a shot and [hopefully] you like it and are invested.

It has to live on its own, it can’t just live as a prequel, and so I felt I had to tell the story in a way that it allowed us to do that. THR: You’ve said that season one will primarily feature Carrie’s friends that are introduced in the pilot and not Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte.

In the ] and we mentioned once [on that show] that the father had left.

It didn’t feel like the right version to me, because the story felt more complicated than a parent leaving, and Candice’s version in the book really spoke to me, the idea that she has a good relationship with her father, which is why she's looking for a certain type of man.

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Bushnell has said in several interviews that the Carrie Bradshaw in her columns is her alter ego; when she wrote the "Sex and the City" essays, she used her own name initially, but for privacy reasons, later created the character played in the series by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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