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I would like to give a huge shout out to Jeff and Krystal for your help in a stressful situation.

Why would you not want to live in a community where the staff cares about you?

Please go ahead and paint your building- as long as my door stays shut, closed and locked.

I even took it upon myself to do his job and suggest alternate options seeing as management is not able to have any kind of critical thinking for themselves.

I am still a bit concerned that corporate did not even know their own Michigan laws protecting residents against such ridiculous requests. 08/03: I come home to find a completely flooded apartment. The smell of chemicals and animal urine is so strong from the carpet that I am not even able to sleep in the room.

My husband and I have been sleeping in the living on the floor.

Northport is the way to go if you are looking for an Apartment!

I pay 5 a month for this apartment and it has been one maintenance issue after another with absolutely no support from management, office staff, or corporate. The AC was charged, even though they knew there was a leak and we requested a professional come to take a look at everything, the only thing performed was the AC charge. 1 week into move in: A week into living here the AC broke (again), because that is what happens when there is a leak. 1 week into move in: Management also had maintenance and a contractor come out the next day to actually fix the AC the way it should have been fixed previously.Northport did not even offer us alternate living arrangement until they can have someone come out NEXT week to fix this.I reached out to management and they did not even respond. This flooding was due to the negligence of the management for not properly taking care of the building.I suggest you know your legal rights and laws as a tenant to fall back on, because this place WILL try to infringe on them. Prior to move in: Two days before our expected move in date the office calls us to inform us that the cleaning company did not clean our apartment and we had to wait another two weeks. The maintenance people came into fix it on Monday and left a note saying they did not have the proper components and material to fix or charge the AC. I called the maintenance person that was staffed for the night and the maintenance person I spoke to said "Its going to get down into the 50s tonight, open a window". They came into the apartment and left paint chips and a huge mess all over the walkway of the apartment. 1 week into move in: Same day management had a contractor and maintenance come out for AC repair. Friday October 14th: Northport was aware that NO ONE was allowed in without one of us home.I came home to find they did not lock our back door. So, maintenance just let themselves in this Friday (while my husband was home). The previous day, I even called and confirmed they understood no one was to come in. My fiancé leaves and they let themselves BACK IN without supervision or permission. Numerous times from October-April: Water was shut off many times without prior notification.

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