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I was working obviously for huge corporations, but I was packing planes and being a dispatcher. I’m a big Civil War buff, and I thought I was going to go either be a historian or a television broadcast journalist, but while I was in school I realized when you’re a broadcast journalist, you cannot have opinions on the air.

I was born there and a lot of my mom’s family is there for history.

It’s in the south, in Virginia and I knew that I want to go back to Virginia.

Lauren Wayne: It was kind of liberal but not really.

Her saying to me at home that she couldn’t put me in the play because she worked at the theater but that I was very good. I’ve done all these other things at school.” Usually, they’ll get involved. I’ve done Shakespeare with high school kids at The Theater Project, not in schools. Lisa Belisle: Is it interesting to you that in this day and age where you can access almost anything at almost any time visually? Maybe, and I think kids get that too because I think there’s a lot of pressure on kids now. Where that, “Okay, let me know when you’re done.” It’s a different world, but I still have conversations with … The idea was that you come home when the street lights go on, so you could stay out as long as it was dark. Then when the musicians get on stage, you’re kind of like, “Okay please, please don’t walk off stage after three songs.” Lisa Belisle: What about people like our producers, Spencer Albee who does Beatles Night every year? You’re either seeing your best friends on stage play music, or you’re surrounded by your best friends enjoying the music. Guster because they have local ties to the community with Adam and Lauren, and being half of them from Vermont, they really get it and what like Portland is all about. Then, there were other people who are friends of Spencer, other people who are friends of Ghost of Paul Revere and other people … We want you to like hug your neighbor if you want to, or like do a dance.

I remember my mother saying to me, she worked with another woman running this little theater, the junior theater I think it was called. If they bite, like if they want to come in and try something at the theater, shy, or obeying, or interested or, “Yeah, I just want to try this. That it’s their expressing their understanding of this part, their understanding of the play. Shakespeare probably would have liked it, and I’ve had older people say, “You know that’s the first time I understood Shakespeare when I saw that.” That’s it. I also believe in it because there’s a kid growing. I’m not quite as old as the age range you just said, but I remember that my mother would send my younger brothers and I, and sisters and I, we would all go out into the neighborhood. Lisa Belisle: It was almost to the place where you could not see and the street lights came, and then on, and you all went home. You’ve done everything you can to the best of your ability, and the best way that you can up until the show day. It’s amazing sense of community, everybody is there. There are times when national artists ask us to put on local original acts, which is we love when we get those emails and calls.

They got the financial analyst jobs, and they became lawyers, and they went to work for big corporations and start to have families. With our kids, especially when they were teenagers, young teenagers, wanted to hang around the house, and their mom or I say, “Get out of the house. Go.” “I just want to …” “Go, get out.” Then they’d go out and they’d find something to do and that would be good. For example, The Theater Project has been around for how many years? You have to have a really high risk tolerance for Thompson’s Point. That ongoing year after a year relationship with a local musician and his group that have also been really all over the United States, and maybe all over the world? It’s not something we get to do a lot at a venue as large as the State and especially at Thompson’s Point, but when we can, we love to do it. Lisa Belisle: That’s a nice thing that has evolved and has become available for kids in Maine. We actually have arts organizations where kids can reap benefit. He also teaches theater workshops in various states as well as Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In terms of like the lineup, you have to have a high risk tolerance for this job. I mean the relationship I have with Spencer is definitely special, but it’s something that we, for lack of better word, cherish, the relationship with us and local musicians. Al Miller: I was at Harvard summer school due to a severe deficiency in freshman physics at Williams College, which took a long time to resolve. Lisa Belisle: Obviously, people are very attached to their childhood experiences in the arts, music, theater because we’ve had multiple people who have said to us, “Oh, I worked with Al Miller at The Theater Project. Now, they do all these quick change things, the electronic stuff. Two, if I work through it with them, which I do, “What do you say in there? I don’t know, basically like I’m going to go shopping for my kids at Walmart and I’m going to put it up on You Tube, and it’s going to get like 1.4 million views. She came down between the audiences on the side and there was a fan on the stage that was a part of the set. Finally, she had to give in and she started to laugh. You actually have to do things differently and learn different skills. Lisa Belisle: Do you think that one of the things that adults have difficulty with as they get older is the fact that we are expected to be perfect as we age? If you had had to be at home for lunch, then either your mom was hollering at the door or you got yourself home because you knew you’d be in trouble if you didn’t get home when you’re supposed to be there for lunch. They did a lot, but that day with Spencer on stage and one of his band mates is actually one of my co-workers, Mc Crae Hathaway, so that was really cool for us to see him up there. We were there with our kids, and our kids are all older in their 20s. I don’t think she was there that night, but it was nice to be able to see other people in the community who were there for different reasons. Any of our venues just creating, one a safe space, but a space where you feel connected and that you belong, which is something that’s really important to me and my stuff. Even just buy the ticket, your experience throughout the whole process, if you have questions, if you go online, if you call us on the phone and then when you give the ticket to the ticket scanner, when you walk into that venue, we want you to feel happy. Then, I listened to my cassettes I guess because I was a little bit too young for 8-tracks; but now with i Tunes, there’s so much crossover that it’s funny to know that other people like your children can like the same things you do. I mean I love Ninjago music because my five-year-old loves it.Al Miller: A friend, when I was in school freshman and sophomore year, you had to take a science. It’s a breeze.” I took it and it became sophomore physics, and junior physics, and then finally I think from exhaustion, the physics prof passed me, let me go. The wearing down of people, eventually it just- Al Miller: Yeah, well, maybe it is. Lisa Belisle: What was your field of study initially? When I went to graduate school, that’s when I should have gone to college. I went out to teach English to mostly Europe high school kids. I thought, “This is really fun,” which got me to get a theater program going at the school. Lisa Belisle: It’s interesting that you had zero background. I think what I infer from it is if we’re open, we’ll find what we want to do. So sure, I mean in full disclosure, no we do not want to lose money, but we’re very good at what we do and what we do is good times and it’s all working out.

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