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All too often we put too much pressure on the things we want most in life, which for many gay men is a partner (be it sexual or life long).

Grow old gracefully and quit trying to pretend you're 25. There is a video on Youtube of him flexing away at a competition. Most of the ones i've gone out with can't seem to grasp the fact that i like them! He broke my heart and left to work in another country…. Cute and hot in an eccentric, bookish, mathlete way when younger, now he's kind of distinguished and nebbish, but spry for a 63 year old. And, as unfair as this already sounds, the sultry night air has you hot and randy and you need to nut. [quote]When I said they're trying too hard, it's pretty ridiculous for someone with presumably some sense of maturity paying someone to take their pics and posting them endlessly on the internet, or taking selfies and posting them on the internet.

I talked to him about a year ago, and now he’s a major bottom, so I guess I did the right thing. I’m just kidding, that sounds really egotistical…You keep referring to porn in the past tense. I’m currently looking for a boyfriend, and once that happens, I think the porn career’s gonna be gone for good. I retired from my career, and now I’m working with older people that have Alzheimer’s and other health problems. Go over to Big with the other oldsters, where you belong.hotness comes in all ages, as long as they are handsome and built that old gym there was this drop dead breathtaking "business man" who was pushing 60 who was think "pierce brosnan" type who had a fantastic body and even more so a SPECTACULAR ASS! Some of the youngin's will simply dismiss us as if swatting away a fly.

The porn was always just kind of a paid hobby, it was never really a career with me. That's fine and that's their right, but then there are others that will take a closer look and just might like what they see and/or get. I would date the man in R192, or the man you described in your post! If this ad is up my ass is still hungry..tonight it's famished!

But the one who disappointed me the most: Samantha-UNWILLING TO EAT A GORGEOUS GUY'S BUBBLE BUTT!!

Don't mean to derail; here are my kind of hot mature guys.

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He was really cute, and I thought, “Well, okay, yeah! heck, i would do ANYTHING for the late great steve reeves when he was 74 before he passed away.. This thread is hopefully a bit of inspiration for them.

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