Skype sextortionist

Suddenly I noticed that the indicator light of the webcam was on, despite the fact that I wasn't making a video call or using the webcam in any other way at the moment.

It freaked me out that some unknown application on my computer was using my webcam without my permission, and possibly sending that video stream to god knows where on the Internet.

(Despite me making no calls at the time.) So that story ended well."If you find yourself in this scenario please contact police and do not hand over any money." Sextortion involves some sort of sharing of sexual images, videos or messages which are then used by the receiver to extort or blackmail the sender.Sometimes the victim is tricked into handing over the sexual content in the first place, like on a chat room.Try it first when it is open by Skype or some other known program.Process Explorer can show you which files and devices are opened by this program, to find out what is the name of the device.

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