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"Be suspicious if you're handed a long list of recommended add-ons if your car is running fine," warns Richard Hall of the Melbourne, Fla., branch of AAMCO, a full-service repair chain.

A common con that can pad a bill by hundreds of dollars is the "wallet flush." The mechanic changes the radiator coolant and the fluids for your power steering, automatic transmission and brakes, when your car doesn't need it.

Many rip-offs are the work of outright crooks who, betting that you (like most drivers) are clueless about what's under the hood, knowingly try to sell unnecessary repairs.

They snow you with terminology you don't understand.

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If your car seems to be driving fine, get a second opinion.

So how to get that second opinion — and find a first-rate, honest car repair shop?

Referrals: Friends and neighbors are the usual go-to sources, but consider calling your car insurer for its list of recommended body shops in your area.

"Most body shops also do car repairs, and if not, they deal with mechanics they trust," Davis says.

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