Snooki dating wrestling coach

Robinson agreed to an interview after I showed up at his camp unannounced on Thursday.

“This isn’t the first bump in the road that has happened in my life,” he said. I just want to go do something that has value.” A year removed from coaching has not diminished Robinson’s frustration and disappointment over the way his Hall of Fame career ended.

The Fight Club: He's only 5-foot-5, but he's also about 170 pounds.

"Emilio was always trying to be in all the photos, and make it all about him," a Snooki source says. "I'm so down for making guido babies with him! In addition to coaching, "Jionni comes from a family of wrestlers, and wrestled in high school," a source tells Us.Snooki boyfriend Jionni La Valle said that he’s totally sure about their next plan, saying: “We are not going to screw this up.” Snooki and Jionni La Valle first met at a Seaside Heights club in August and have been dating from then on.Last year, the reality star shared Jay Leno that her boyfriend was pursuing a career as a gym teacher, working with kids as a wrestling coach in school.“People say every time the Lord shuts one door, he opens another one. He envisioned a grand farewell befitting a three-time national champion. New athletic director Mark Coyle fired Robinson for his handling of an alleged drug ring involving a group of his wrestlers.Coyle cited a lack of cooperation by Robinson with his superiors in dealing with the issue.

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