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They were to cover much more than just World War II, and would provide a range of forts that would be much loved by a generation of children. First appearing in the 1969 catalogue, but bizarrely actually dating from 1966, this product contained complete sets of Wagon Train, US Cavalry and Indians.Just as importantly it also contained a really nice snap-together plastic fort, which was the first in a series of large accessories Airfix produced to greatly improve the play-ability of their figures.This was like the Attack Force set in that it contained several ready-made tanks etc., and a vacu-formed base which included the world's smallest harbour.Also part of the package were two sets of figures, and while we have never seen this product it appears the sets included were their Infantry Combat Group and first type German Infantry. The first comes from the Airfix Collection forum at The set included one set each of first type US Marines and Japanese Infantry.It also included a number of their ready-made polythene vehicles and a vacu-formed base.

Of more interest is why Airfix chose the Wagon Train rather than the Cowboys set.No-one is in the least concerned about the many Indian warriors swarming all round them at that moment, and certainly no one is using a weapon, so a very one-sided 'battle'.At least the cowboys are firing their weapons and looking active, so might have made a bit more sense!Clearly it was based on the milecastles found on some Roman defensive walls such as Hadrian's Wall in Britain, and is actually a pretty good model of one, being about the right size too as only a handful of men would stay in one.Naturally the set came with the two Airfix sets of Romans and Ancient Britons. The Gun Emplacement model made an appearance during 1969 with this play set, and in the catalogue the following year.

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This was a perfectly good toy in its own right, and was probably also meant to work with their model railway products, but can hardly be described as a battleset.

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